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HSE Leaflet for Small Business - Hazards of Thermal Runaway

A newly revised HSE leaflet provides an introduction to the hazards of thermal runaway, aimed at small and medium businesses in the process industries.

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KAS Reports and Guidance Released in English Versions

KAS, the German federal commission for process safety, makes available English language translations of its technical standards documents, guides and reports for process safety.

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Release of Report - Learning From Accidents

Now available on request is Report 30 - Learning From Accidents, on the methods used for investigating accidents or near misses and disseminating the results.

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Dirk Roosendans and Team at Total Receive 2014 EPSC Award

In recognition of work on a project named Total R², a team led by Dirk Roosendans has been given this year's EPSC award.

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FABIG Publishes Final Report On Buncefield Explosion Findings

FABIG, in cooperation with SCI Steel, has published a report on the explosion characteristics of large vapour clouds. The work was initiated after the release and explosion at the Buncefield fuel depot in 2005.

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