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CCPS & EPSC European Conference on Process Safety and Big Data - Call for Abstracts

There is little time remaining in the call for abstracts to be submitted for the joint EPSC and CCPS conference on the use of Big Data techniques in process safety. Anybody wishing to contribute to the event should prepare their abstract by the 30th of June.

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IChemE Safety Centre Interactive Case Studies to Combat Hindsight Bias

The IChemE Safety Centre recognises hindsight bias as a barrier to organisational learning. Lessons from past incidents may be dismissed - "It could never happen here." This series of case studies takes the form of a team training exercise, presenting operational decisions without knowing the outcome in advance. Finding a difficult balance of process engineering and business requirements, these exercises give context to allow in depth comparison and learning from past mistakes.

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CSB Draft Report Volumes on Human Factors at Macondo

Earlier this month the US Chemical Safety Board released two draft volumes on human factors, competency, and regulatory issues contributing to the blowout of the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. The report considers how these factors apply to offshore oil and gas in a context of US regulation, but the lessons learned can be applied to human decision making in any high hazard industry.

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