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EPSC and CSE Form Cooperation Agreement

EPSC and CSE, two prominent European process safety networks, recently concluded a co-operation agreement which from the outset entitles each party to have full member rights to the other party’s network.

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Hazards 27 Call For Papers

The call for papers inviting contributions to Hazards 27 is now open with a deadline for abstract submission of 23 September 2016. The Hazards 27 conference will take place on 10–12 May 2017 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham.

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Hazardex 2017 Call for Papers

There is a call for abstracts to be submitted for consideration for the programme of Hazardex 2017, which will be held in March, 2017. The deadline for submitting an abstract is the 23rd of September, 2016.

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IChemE Safety Centre Interactive Case Studies to Combat Hindsight Bias

The IChemE Safety Centre recognises hindsight bias as a barrier to organisational learning. Lessons from past incidents may be dismissed - "It could never happen here." This series of case studies takes the form of a team training exercise, presenting operational decisions without knowing the outcome in advance. Finding a difficult balance of process engineering and business requirements, these exercises give context to allow in depth comparison and learning from past mistakes.

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CSB Draft Report Volumes on Human Factors at Macondo

Earlier this month the US Chemical Safety Board released two draft volumes on human factors, competency, and regulatory issues contributing to the blowout of the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. The report considers how these factors apply to offshore oil and gas in a context of US regulation, but the lessons learned can be applied to human decision making in any high hazard industry.

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From 2001 to 2005 EPSC acted as the coordinator for the EU funded network, PRISM, which focused on human factor approaches to major accident safety. As the PRISM network website is no longer accessable, the collected materials are made available through this document index.

PRISM Guides
FG1 Seminar held in Edinburgh January 2002
FG2 Seminar held in Budapest March 2002
FG3 Seminar held in Soesterberg, N.L. May 2002
FG1 Seminar held in Manchester February 2003
FG1 Seminar held in Frankfurt June 2003
FG1 Seminar held in Athens September 2003
PRISM Seminar held in Slovakia October 2003
FG3 Seminar held in Brussels November 2003
PRISM Seminar held during 31st Conference of Slovakia Chemical Engineering May 2004
Loss Prevention Seminar held in Prague 2004

PRISM Guides
FG1 - Behavioural Safety Application Guide JMO Consultants
FG1 - Best Practice on Teamworking and Safety The Keil Centre
FG1 - Safety Culture Application Guide The Keil Centre
FG2 - Good Practice Guide on HCI/MM DNV Consulting
FG2 - Good Practice Guide on task design DNV Consulting
FG2 - Development of good practice guides DNV Consulting
FG2 - Good practice guidance on training for SMEs DNV Consulting
FG3 - Best Practice Guide on high demand situations TNO
Techische Universitat Berlin

Human Factors in SMEs Tony Fishwick
PRISM NAS - Human Reliability Analysis Ludovit Jelemensky
Virtual Reality

University of Aberdeen
Universita di Modena
Fraunhofer Institute

FG1 Seminar held in Edinburgh January 2002
Title Presenter Company
Welcome Jacques Calzia EPSC
Conference Overview    
Introduction Robin Turney EPSC
Benchmarking human factors in offshore safety Kathryn Mearns University of Aberdeen
Safety Culture Maturity Ronny Lardner, Chiara Amati and Steve Lee The Keil Centre
Safety Climate Tool Norman Byrom HSE
Teamworking & Safety: latest developments Ronny Lardner The Keil Centre
Teamworking & Safety: Industry Case Study Dave Whiting, Neil Minter, Brian Ruffle BNFL
Effective team based working with "smarteams" Jan Corpe, Dave Grange OPITO
Behavioural Safety - Work in Progress Tony Fishwick JOMC Ltd.
Involving employees in health & safety: practical guidance Michael Wright Greenstreet Berman Ltd.
Conference Conclusions    

FG2 Seminar held in Budapest March 2002
Title Presenter Company
Procedures & Human Factors Joel Quintart Solvay
CARMAN David Embrey Human Reliability Associates
Establishing effective training arrangements Peter Bull Ciba
Safety Critical Operations and Accident Barriers Oyvind Kaasa Hydro Corporate Res Centre
Issues in Task Design Gareth Hughes DNV
Coffee Bar    

FG3 Seminar held in Soesterberg, N.L. May 2002
Title Presenter Company
Welcome Robin Turney EPSC
Envisioning High Demand Situations Peter Passenier and Mark Neerincx TNO
Alarm Management Jose Herbaux Atofina
Assessing the safety of process operating staffing arrangements Helen Conlin Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd.
A Wow Approach for X Centres Peter Rasker TNO
HF's Integration for 24 hour response Business Process Ian Hamilton, Michael Skelton Northern Ireland Electricity
Cognitive Support for Ship Damage Marc Grootjen RNN
Structured Troubleshooting Alma Schaafstal TNO
The International Space Station Mikael Wolff ESA Electrical Engineering
Identifying Critical Situations Theo Logtenberg TNO
Demos space - Interactive guide Mark Neerincz TNO
Demos Navy - Combat Information Centre Peter Passenier TNO
Demos Navy - Task Support Mark Grootgen Royal Netherlands Navy
Virtual Reality - Ship Bridge Design Nico Delleman TNO
Portal to Digital Ergonomics Marleen Oudendijk TNO
Crisiskit Richelle van Rijk TNO
Cognitive Task Load Analysis Mark Neerincz TNO
Workshop Results Results Groups one, two & three  
Seminar Conclusion Lee Allford EPSC
About the Speakers    

FG1 Seminar held in Manchester February 2003
Title Presenter Company
Orientation Robin Turney EPSC
Welcome Robin Turney EPSC
People Based Safety Programme Theo van der Smeede ExxonMobil
Integrating Behavioural Approaches Andy Harvey BNFL
How to Deal With Unsafe Behaviour Martin Woodall JOMC Ltd.
Preventing Major Accidents Debbie Lucas HSE
Behavioural Safety and Beyond John Ormond JOMC Ltd.
The European Experience Cees Muusse HoPe Consultants
Behavioural Safety Programme Dirk Doornbos Lyondell
Crew Resource Management John Wright Wrightway Training

FG4 Seminar held in Frankfurt June 2003
Title Presenter Company
Opening and Welcome Robin Turney EPSC
Human Factor from the German Major Hazard Commission Christian Jochum Major Hazard Commission
Motivation - The Cost of Accidents Bernd Frohlich ExxonMobil
Current Experience in the Application of HF in Engineering Design Katharina Lowe Technical University of Berlin
HF in the Capital Investment Management Process Dennis Attwood Consultant Canada
Application of HF in the Process Industries Harrie J T Rensink Shell International
A Regulators Approach to HF in Design Debbie Lucas HSE
An Engineers View of Human Error Trevor Kletz Loughborough University
Human Error and Recovery Tjerk van der Schaaf Eindhoven University
COLFUN a General Framework for Task Deign and Evaluation in High Demand Environments Michael Holewijn and Jouke Rypkema TNO
Norwegian Offshore Experience in Assessing Human Factors Adam Balfour Human Factors Solutions, Norway

FG2 Seminar held in Athens September 2003
Title Presenter Company
Orientation, PRISM and the Seminar Robin Turney EPSC
Human Factor Design for Operability & Maintainability Simon Kariuki TU Berlin
Round 'em up for drive 'em out! Lee Allford EPSC
Computer Aided Hazard Identification Paul Chung Loughborough University
Incident Investigation Tools & Processes Theo Van Der Smeede ExxonMobil
Aramis: Safety Barriers Louis Gossens TU Delft
Aramis: Assessing the structure of the SMS Andrew Hale TU Delft
Aramis: Safety Cultural Factors and the SMS Henning Anderson Riso National Laboratory
Recent Developments in Task Modelling Tom Kontogiannis TU Crete
A Methodology for Applying Human Factor Analysis Debby Hallet Ciba
Business Excellence through SHE Excellence Hans Juegen Labudde DuPont
To Believe or Not to Believe Jonathan Amies Safety Institute of Australia

PRISM Seminar held in Slovakia October 2003
Title Presenter Company
Process Safety in the Workplace H-J Labudde DuPont
The Role of Top Management Anton Vacko Kappa Sturovo Inc.
The Role of Communication Skills Paul Krajnik Ciba
Behavioural Safety at the Carrington Site Peter Webb Basell Polylefins Ltd.
How & Why Might Organisations Adopt A Behavioural Safety App. Peter Webb Basell Polylefins Ltd.
Approaches to Integrating HFs in Seveso II Safety Cases Rob Cotterill DNV
Optimising Procedures for Efficiency & Reduced Accidents David Embrey Human Reliability Associates
How to Overcome the Barriers and to Improve Human Performance Peter Varga Slovnaft Inc.

FG3 Seminar held in Brussels November 2003
Title Presenter Company
Welcome Jose Herbaux Atofina
Introduction Jouke Rypkema TNO
Cognitive and Functional Framework Jouke Rypkema, Mark Neerincx, P Passenier TNO
Reducing the Chance of Information Failures Linda Bellamy White Queen
Ensuring Safety During Manpower Changes Johan Gort TNO
Alarm Management John Wilkinson HSE
A Solution for Executing Alarm Management Bijan Habibi Plant Automation Services
Operability-Centred Design of Routine Mark Neerincx TNO
How to Incorporate HF in the Design Process Simon Kariuki Berlin University
Crisis Management Training Alma Schaafstal TNO
Human Factors and Virtual Reality Simone Colombo Politechnico di Milano
Workshop Results Lake Constance Video
Alarm Handling
Crisis Management
Engineering Design
Seminar Evaluation    

PRISM Seminar held during 31st Conference of Slovakia Chemical Engineering May 2004
Title Presenter Company
Experience and prctices in Human Factor Problems Anton Vacko Kappa Sturovo
IRISK O N Aneziriz Demokritos
HFs in fulfilling the requirements of the directive Seveso II Martin Krsko Risk Consult Ltd
Computer-aided Hazard Identification Paul Chung Loughborough University
Some Problems in an Assessment of the Consequences of a Fire and an Explosion During the Multi-Component Mixture Unknown Composition Release Melania Pofit-Szczepanska Fire Services, Poland
Human Factors and Virtual Reality Simone Colombo Politecnico di Milano
Process Industries and Human Factors: Where are we? Rimeh Jabari EPSC

Loss Prevention Seminar held in Prague 2004
Title Presenter Company
Method for Incorporating HF During Design Phase Simon G Kariuki TU of Berlin
Promoting Safety Culture and Safe Work Practices Kaarin Ruuhilehto VTT
HF Integration for a New Chemical Plant Liz Cullen Atkins
Evaluation of Sfety Instruction System by Survey of Shift Workers Guido Wehmeier Ciba
European Experiences with Transferring of Information on Human Factors to Seveso II Ludovit Jelemensky STU - Slavakia
Developing Internal Human Factors Expertise on a High Hazard Site Phil Joyner and Ronny Lardner The Keil Centre
PRISM: EU Network on Human Factors in Process Industries Le Allford and Robin Turney EPSC
Assessing the Safety of Process Operation Staffing Arrangements Helen Conlin Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd.
OECD Workshop on Sharing Experience in the Training of Engineers in Risk Management Jean-Paul Lacoursiere P.E.
COLFUN, A Framework for Envisioning Assessing and Managing High Demand Situations J A Rypkema and M M Neerincx TNO
Fuzzy Systems in Use for Human Reliability Analysis Myrto Konstandinidou University of Athens
Optimising Human Performance: Best Practice Guidance for the Process Industries Rob Cotterill and Helen Jones DNV Consulting