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OECD Survey - Hazardous Substance Handling Facilities and Ownership Change

The OECD Working Group on Chemical Accidents is seeking input from public authorities, industry, industry organisations and trade and labour unions via an online questionnaire. The project aims at getting a better understanding of the potential safety implications of a change of ownership in facilities handling hazardous substances.

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Process Safety Auditing Report Now Available

A step-by-step guide on the implementation and running of a process safety audit program is now available on request.

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EPSC Member Forums Now Available
A new feature on the EPSC website will enable discussion of EPSC topics and sharing of information between members.
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Public Release of Report 33 - Safety Critical Measures

An EPSC report on the identification, design, maintenance and testing of safety critical systems is now available on request.

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New CSB Safety Video on the 2010 Explosion at Tesoro Refinery

The United States Chemical Safety Board produces informative animations based on the findings from accident investigation. A newly released video shows the dangers of hydrogen induced cracking in steel assets.

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EPSC - European process safety centre

EPSC - European Process Safety Centre

EPSC - the European Process Safety Centre - is an international industry-funded organisation which provides an independent technical focus for process safety in Europe.

EPSC's activities are sponsored by chemical manufacturing companies and related businesses with a keen interest in chemical process safety.

EPSC's members secure the following benefits for themselves and the wider European chemical industry:

  • sharing and dissemination of information and experience on safety technology and accident prevention
  • technical input to legislators and standard makers to ensure more realistic legislation
  • improved co-ordination of safety standards across Europe
  • identification of emerging safety-related issues or gaps in knowledge where guidelines or reports could be produced or commissioned.
  • outreach to organisations with potential to advance the practice of process safety
  • transfer of knowledge from elsewhere to Europe and between European countries
  • access to information from a single source

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